Escrito nas Estrelas por Melhor Dupla

Odeio cutucar os românticos, mas as almas gêmeras de Serendipity não são Sara e Jonathan. Olhe direito… há uma história paralela beeem mais interessante, atrapalhada, dramática, engraçada e – ok, chega de adjetivos – a cara de John Cusack  e Jeremy Piven.

Sim, estou falando dos dois amigos, que fazem o filme valer a pena, com seu humor refinado, porém idiota e mórbido.

Dean, o amigo do protagonista, já havia ganho indicação nesse blog (veja aqui), mas Jeremy e John merecem um post só pra eles.

Pelo obituário:


Jonathan Trager, prominent television producer for ESPN, died last night from  complications of losing his soul mate and his fiancee. He was 35 years old. Soft-spoken and obsessive, Trager never looked the part of a hopeless romantic. But, in the final days of his life, he revealed an unknown side of his psyche. This hidden quasi-Jungian persona surfaced during the Agatha Christie-like pursuit of his long reputed soul mate, a woman whom he only spent a few precious hours with. Sadly, the protracted search ended late Saturday night in complete and utter failure. Yet even in certain defeat, the courageous Trager secretly clung to the belief that life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. Uh-uh. But rather, its a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan. Asked about the loss of his dear friend, Dean Kansky, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and executive editor of the New York Times, described Jonathan as a changed man in the last days of his life. “Things were clearer for him,” Kansky noted. Ultimately Jonathan concluded that if we are to live life in harmony with the universe, we must all possess a powerful faith in what the ancients used to call “fatum”, what we currently refer to as destiny.


E por criar um tipo bem específico de Oráculo.

You are a jackass. You are! (…) You… you’re my hero, you know? You’re like my oracle… in shit, you know? You’re out there man and you’re making it happen. Courtney moved out. (…) Yeah. it just.. look, man, we’ve been fighting for a really long time. (…) We didn’t want to ruin your wedding man – it’s just didn’t want to rat on your parade, man. (…) We just let it slip away, you know? That’s the point. It… you know, it died. We died! (…) not enough, of all of this, of this! of this! and not enough… you know? Do you remember the philosopher Pinititus? Do you remember what he said? (…) He said if you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid. That’s what you’ve done!(…) Now I want to be a jackass, you know? you’re the shit!

Jonathan: That would be me – the shit.

Dean: Yeah he’s the shit. okay.






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