Ela Vai Ter um Bebê por Melhores Constatações

Ok. Ela Vai Ter um Bebê não é o melhor filme de John Hughes, mas em 1988 ele já sabia das coisas. As brilhantes constatações do filme continuam valendo até hoje. Primeiro sobre o casamento.

“Wilt thou, Jefferson, have this woman to be thy wedded wife? Wilt thou comfort and keep her in sickness and in health? Wilt thou provide her with credit cards and a 4 bedroom 2 and a half bath house with central air and professional decorating, aMercedes Benz, and 2 weeks in the Bahamas every spring? Wilt thou try to remember the little things that mean so much, like flowers on her anniversary, a kind word when she’s had a rough day, an occasional “you look pretty today?” Wilt thou be understanding when she’s tired, headachy or upset about something. Wilt thou try not to be such a pig when thou shave and shower. Wilt thou listen patiently to long stories about kids, clothes, and decorator checkbook covers?”

“I will.”

Depois sobre a maturidade das pessoas.

“He’s too young and he’s too immature. She’s a golddigger.”
“There’s little or no gold to be dug. He’s plenty old and people don’t mature anymore. They stay jackasses all their lives.

O que mudou foi o Alec Baldwin e o Kevin Bacon.


E Depois. wow!

Abs, Filipe