O Primeiro Ano do Resto de Nossas Vidas por Melhor Cafa

Hoje é aniversário do Rob Lowe  e, por isso, eu resolvi relembrar um clássico: seu personagem Billy, em O Primeiro Ano do Resto de Nossas Vidas.

Porque malandros existem aos montes, mas não como esse:

Could I be so bold to ask for a going away present? 

PS1: Esse filme é muito velho, é de 1985.  Não é só o Rob que está um bebê. A Demi Moore, o Judd Nelson e o Emilio Estevez também.

PS2: Falando nele, você sabe que ele é filho do Presidente Bartlet Martin Sheen e irmão do Charlie Harper Sheen né?

PS3: Voltado ao filme, eu gosto da dancinha do Kevin e da seguinte discussão idiota:

Kevin: Love, love, you know what love is? Love is an illusion created by lawyer types like yourself to perpetuate another illusion called marriage to create the reality of divorce and then the illusionary need for divorce lawyers.


Kirby: You are just pissed off and bitter because you have not had sex in… how long? What is it… a year… maybe two? Refresh my memory please, Kevin. Haven’t you heard of the sexual revolution?
Kevin: Who won, huh? Nobody. Used to be sex was the only free thing, No longer. Alimony… palimony… it’s all financial. Love is an illusion.
Kirby: It’s the only illusion that counts, my friend.
Kevin: Says who?
Kirby: Anyone who’s been in love.
Kevin: Love sucks.
Kirby: So does your attitude.

PS4: Veja o trailer:

PS5: O Rob é um dos poucos homens que ficam ainda mais bonitos com a idade, não?

PS6:  Eu adoro o  Robert McCallister e fico triste que ele vai nos deixar. #prontofalei

Amor e Outros Desastres por Melhor Explicação

Eu não sei qual é a melhor explicação: a da melhor amiga para o amor…

Stop living your life like you’re in some kind of movie. (…) Stop trying to cast your love instead of just meeting him. (…)  Love isn’t always a lightning bolt, you know? Maybe sometimes it’s just a choice. (…)  I don’t know that Paolo’s the love of my life, but I’ve decided to give him the chance to be. Maybe true love is a decision. You know, a decision to take a chance with somebody. To give to somebody. Without worrying wether they’ll give anything back. Or if they’re gonna hurt you, or if they really are the one. Maybe love isn’t something that happens to you. Maybe it’s something you have to choose.

… ou a da terapeuta para relacionamento.

The stages of a relationship can be defined by farting. Stage one is the conspiracy of silence. This is a fantasy period where both parties pretend that they have no bodily waste. This illusion is very quickly shattered by that first shy, “Ooh, did you fart,” followed by the sheepish admission of truth. This heralds a period of deeper intimacy. A period I like to call the “Fart Honeymoon”, where both parties find each other’s gas just the cutest thing in the world. But, of course, no honeymoon can last forever. And so we reach the critical fork in the fart. Either the fart loses its power to amuse and embarrass thereby signifying true love, or else it begins to annoy and disgust, thereby symbolizing all that is blocked and rancid in the formerly beloved. Do you see what I’m getting at?

PS1: A Brittany Murphy, que fez  As Patricinhas de Beverly Hills, estava  cada dia mais bonita. Faleceu hoje, 20/12, aparentemente de parada cardíaca.  

ps2: Eu adoro o Matthew Rhys, também conhecido com Kevin, de B&S. Ele é o meu Walker preferido.